5 Reasons You Need Brightening Pads For Face

What is Brightening Pads for face different from Whitening Pads?

The words “brightening” and “whitening” always sound like serving the same purpose, which is resulting in glowing skin. Yet, they are actually different. Brightening is more about increasing the radiance of our skin, or in other words restoring your skin back to its original healthy state. Meanwhile, whitening is about making your face several shades lighter.

Brightening Pads for face target areas of discoloration, including post-acne marks, sun-spots, hyperpigmentation related to age, and melanin concentrations in specific areas of the skin. The goal of a brightening product is to increase radiance, restore vibrancy, and even out pigmentation.

Whitening Pads target our entire face instead of areas of discolouration. They’re designed to lift the shade of your entire complexion, by pumping the brakes on melanin production, and bleaching existing melanin to a lighter tone.

Why is Brightening Pads for face essential?

  1. Brightening face pads help to minimise skin discolouration caused by sun and pollution, corrects uneven skin tone such as liver and age spots, freckles and general hyperpigmentation disorders and scars. It brings your skin back to its original complexion, before it was scarred, marked, or otherwise discoloured by sun and acne.
  2. The rough side of Brightening face pads could be used for mild exfoliation. Exfoliation is essential to remove excessive residue such as makeup or sunscreen on our skin. It also helps to improve skin absorption for the following skincare products.
  3. The smooth side of Brightening face pads also serve its purpose - give our skin a quick kick of moisture. It could be used as a mini mask before application of other skincare products. Yet, using hydrating serum after using Brightening face pads is also a very vital step to lock the moisture in our skin.
  4. If you want to have a more youthful and smooth appearance, you shall consider adding our Brightening face pads in your skincare routine. Brightening & Refining Pads from Anjoe would be a good choice of yours. It contains 3.4% patented BHA that helps to refine pores, 2% ethylated Vitamin C that could boost collagen production, and 2.5% peptide that is well-known for anti-ageing.
  5. In the journey of pursuing healthier skin, our Brightening face pads would definitely play a significant role in it. This is because our Brightening & Refining pads contain highly antioxidant ingredients such as 2% ethylated Vitamin C and 2.5% peptides, both of these are able to boost collagen production and repair broken cells. Moreover, it consists of Japanese Camellia Sinensis that helps to instant soothe and hydrate the skin while the exfoliation and refining process takes place.

With Anjoe’s Brightening & Refining Pads, now everyone can glow. It is glow guarantee!


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