Well this is highly debatable to be honest. Based on research topical applications of BHA have a very minimum absorption to the bloodstream.

But because orally salicylic acid is not recommended for pregnancy, therefore doctors also recommend avoiding excessive or frequent use of skin products containing BHAs.

We are using BETAINE SALICYLATE version instead of general salicylic acid . So topically, using it is considered SAFE.

Yes! For dry and allergy skin, It’s normal to feel a tingling sensation or slight itchiness when first applied.

Our BHA is working its magic in increasing the skin turnover rate to make your skin more resilient and stronger in time.

Remember to apply hydrating serum, moisturizer and/or Anjoe's Mugwort Treatment Oil after using Brightening and Refining Pads.

This is the world's first serum pad that consists of multi-nutrients serum and exfoliating BHA , that can help to visibly brighten your skin texture and refining your pores.

It consists of camellia Sinensis , peptide will help to instant repair and replenish your skin texture while the face acids work its magic in gently refining and exfoliating your pores.

Our 2% ethylated vitamin C can quickly penetrate your skin , and help to boost collagen production and brighten up your skin tone.

Unopened can be kept up to 3 years, once opened please use it within 2 hours.
Kindly AVOID using on eye area.


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