Frequently Asked Questions

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How to use this product?

1. Ideal to use on legs, thighs , hips , arms and belly. 
2. Apply decent amount of body oils / body lotion to the massage area. 
3. Brush the targeted area for 10 -15 mins with mild to moderate pressure.


How often should I use this product and when is the best time to use it?

Recommendation:  Use it for at least 15mins. on your entire body daily.  It’s best to use after shower, before bed, to help you relax and improve your sleep quality.  
You may use the brush for up to 30mins with generous portions of massage oils and lotion applied onto the body during massage.

Should I use the cellulite massager during menstruation?

Yes, you can.  
It actually helps to remove water retention!

Is it normal to bruise or rash after using the cellulite massager?

Yes.  This brush is designed to massage deep muscle tissues.  It helps to stretch out cellulite dimples while increasing lymphatic drainage.  For those with poor blood circulation and weak lymphatic drainage system, for a start this massage might cause discomfort while brushing targeted areas, especially under arm, behind knees and ankle areas.
The initial pain is temporary and will subside once you stop the massage.
Bruising is a sign of blocked lymphatic drainage.  It is normal.  It is the cellulite fat tissues being broken down.  Red, flat, painless rash a.k.a Gua Sha Rash, is a normal sign for those with poor lymphatic drainage.  It will subside once the blood circulation improves.  With continuous daily brushing, all of these conditions will subside in a few weeks’ time.

What should I beware of after using the cellulite brush?

• If you have broken or sensitive skin please stop using this product.
• If you develop itchy rashes, stop using it.  It may be an allergy to rubber.
• If you experience tiny red itchy bumps, it is a sign that you are using too little oil or body lotion before or during brushing.  It is friction of rubber against the skin that caused the wound.  The brush MUST NOT be used on dry skin.  Skin needs to be fully lubricated.  
Please stop the body brushing for 2 weeks or until the skin is fully healed before resuming massage to routine.

I am pregnant, should I use it?  What about breastfeeding mothers?

Yes.  Please use the brush on your limbs AFTER the 1st trimester.  Please avoid using any sort of essential oils due to the possibility of harm to the foetus. Instead, use body lotion or pure coconut oil.  Breastfeeding mothers should also use either body lotion or pure coconut oil.

My brush does not vibrate anymore / the vibration of the cellulite massager is getting weaker.  What can I do?

Change to a new set of AAA batteries.  We recommend you use super heavy-duty batteries such as Energizer Max.  They are designed to last.

How can I open the brush?


Is there a warranty for the electrical body cellulite massager?

Yes.  The product is warranted for 30 days.
Any faulty brush will be repaired or exchanged within this period completely free-of-charge.
Kindly contact us at [email protected] to request for warranty service.  We will be happy to guide you through the process.
If the product is broken or cannot function after 30 days, you may still contact us for possible repair.  The cost of repair is dependent on particular broken parts.
After our technical team has identified the problem, concerned customer will be contacted, informed of cost incurred and prior consent obtained before repair is carried out.


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