Where your beauty begins.

Manual lymphatic massage, richly validated by naturopathic physical medicine over a long time as being effective to rid body of toxins, reduce water retention and visible cellulite help improve quality of life – in that it results in heightened relaxation & better sleep quality.   

With select tools #madebyanjoe you can now enjoy its benefits at the privacy of your home, whenever you choose to, with ease. 
Both tools, electric cellulite massager and acrylic crystal Qua Sha makes for an affordable, effective and luxurious beauty regime that you can enjoy at leisure – a necessity you never knew you needed.
Till now.  

MadeByAnjoe is a Malaysia beauty brand , founded by Malaysia beauty queen Anjoe Koh who read her Masters in Pharmacy at the UK. She is a qualified & dual-licensed pharmacist, and has made manual lymphatic massage a part of her stay beautiful & healthy naturally regime for 10 years. 

She studied the scientific behind of lymphatic system and benefited herself from lymphatic massage.

MadeByAnjoe beauty tools were designed to enhance your health and beauty in a natural way. All materials used are natural, safe and no unnecessary synthetic ingredients were included in her products. 



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