Facial sculptor can be used for long-term to enhance skin firm up and improve the absorption of skin care.
Yes, can. Face and neck exercise and massages can help retrain and strengthen the muscles around the skin for a lifting and firming effect. It also initiates lymphatic drainage actions to drain excessive fluids, which in turn reduce the weight of the skin to avoid the folds to become more serious. Gua sha your face with Mugwort oil help to promote blood circulation and provide antioxidants effect to the skin.
Our 3 in 1 facial sculptor is 100% made with premium quality crystal acrylic material, gentle to the skin, it will not turn cloudy nor getting warm during massage, unlike plastic resin material. It's working like your pair of hands to better massage and give your face a lift. As during massage, it will improve blood circulation and reduce water retention. It will help more oxygen flow to the facial cells which promote collagen production.
You may refer to the link for tutorial video: How to Use a Facial Sculptor
We recommend cleaning the sculptor with mild soap water and wipe it dry after each use.


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