Benefit of Gua Sha


Gua Sha, also known as skin scraping, scraping therapy, rooted in traditional Chinese healing therapy that is widely practiced in China and South East Asia. It is often used to treat nuchal pain, shoulder tension, myalgia, chronic pain, and other muscle issues. Recently, face GuaSha has become new aesthetic skincare trend in social media platform.
Face GuaSha Benefit
Face GuaSha is rooted in traditional Chinese healing therapy that involves scraping your skin with using face sculpting tool to encourage blood circulation flow while accelerating the healing process naturally. The idea behind is to stimulate more oxygenated blood flow towards skin tissue of the targeted area to enhance metabolic cell repair and regeneration. The stimulation promotes collagen production resulting in a firmer and healthier skin condition. Besides that, face GuaSha is great for relieving facial and neck muscle tension. When the GuaSha tool stroked across the skin with the right techniques, it effectively helps to decrease muscle tightness and tension by stretching and lengthening the fascia.
GuaSha Tools Malaysia
Anjoe facial sculptor is a modern GuaSha tool in Malaysia that anatomically designed to fit to face, eyes and nose areas, known as 3 in 1 sculptor. The facial GuaSha tool is made with 100% premium quality of crystal acrylic material which is gentle to the skin and more durable compared to quartz stone. Every angle and edge of the GuaSha tool is ergonomically designed to fit closely to the acupuncture points and contours of the face. It is one of the best face GuaSha tools in Malaysia with users claiming the appliance has allowed them to obtain the desire GuaSha benefit such as firmed up their skin, reduced wrinkles and reduce the puffiness of skin.


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