Can Essential Oils Help Skin Allergies

Our skin is a great communicator. Sometimes when you feel itchy on your skin, it could be the skin is telling you that something is irritating your body.

What is skin allergy?

A skin allergy is when skin becomes irritated because the immune system reacts to something that is usually harmless. Allergic skin is highly reactive to elements in our environment called allergens. Allergens can be found just about anywhere: pollen in the air, food allergies, medicines, cleaning products, certain cosmetics, etc. This is called an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction can cause rash, itching, burning, redness, bumps, hives, and swelling. 

Irritated skin can be caused by a variety of factors. These include immune system disorders, medications and infections.

Skin allergies could be treated by using essential oil ,cream, ointment, medicines, and so on depending on the types of allergy and what works best for your current condition.

Essential oils for skin allergies

Don't scratch your skin! I know it could be excruciating to some people, but over scratching your skin can cause further irritation and even damage your skin.

At this time, using essential oils for skin allergies could feel like a life saver! Anjoe’s Mugwort plant treatment oil could help to instantly reduce redness and relieve itching. Our mugwort treatment oil is 100% plant based essential oil. It is gentle and hydrating, making it great for sensitive and allergic skin.

Our mugwort plant treatment oils are 100% made with premium natural essential oil that is specifically blended to finer particles that can effectively replenish and repair broken cells. It’s also enriched with grapeseed oil and vitamin E from the Netherlands that are highly antioxidants at the same time.

Why Natural Essential Oils for eczema skin? Unlike other body oils that are made from paraffin oil, mineral oil which may consist of preservative and fragrance , that may clogged pores due to its larger particle size and synthetic components such as fragrance may further irritate broken skin.


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