How To Apply Hydrating Toner Pad

What is toner pad?

Toner pads are cotton pads that are pre-soaked in toner that serve various functions and benefits for different skin types. They could be Hydrating Toner Pad, Exfoliating Toner Pad, Peeling Toner Pad, Pore-clearing Toner Pad, Anti-ageing Toner Pad, All-in-one Toner Pad, etc. Toner pads usually come with a rough side (for mild exfoliation) and a smooth side (for hydration).

This is a new concept of skincare routine where people are slowly changing their behaviour of applying toner with their bare hands or pouring toner on the cotton pads every single time when they want to use it. They use toner pads instead - toner pads are more hygienic and time-saving.

Steps to apply Hydrating Toner Pads

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of toner pads. You may just choose whichever that could cater your skin concerns.

In this article, we are explaining on the steps to apply Hydrating Toner Pads:

  1. Skincare routine would always start with cleansing our skin - to remove dirt and residue. This first step is very vital to improve skin absorption for the rest of our skincare routine. If our skin is not cleansed properly, the clogged pores could block all the skincare products from penetrating through our skin.
  2. After cleansing, apply Hydrating Toner Pads on your skin by swiping gently across your face & neck. Use the rough side of the Hydrating Toner Pads to help exfoliate your skin while hydrating your skin at the same time. Then, you can leave the smooth side of the Hydrating Toner Pad on your skin as a mini mask for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Always remember to continue your skincare routine after applying Hydrating Toner Pads. Apply hydrating serum, face cream or mugwort oil to complete the skincare routine.

Can I use toner pads everyday?

You are advised to think twice when deciding the frequency of using toner pads. The frequency of using toner pads depends on the types of toner pads used. Some of the toner pads should not be used on a daily basis, i.e. Exfoliating Toner Pad - we do not need to exfoliate our skin everyday.

If you are using Anjoe’s Brightening & Refining Pads aka serum pad as your toner pad, here’s some tips for you: -

✔️For dry skin, use it 3 times per week at night time.

✔️For oily skin, use it daily at night time. 

✔️For combination skin - use it every 2 nights.

✔️Leaving it on your T zone / chin area / acne for 3 minutes will help to reduce sebum production and reduce acne!

✔️You may use it on other body parts other than face, such as elbow, armpit, knee, back, and so on.


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