How To Pick The Best Toner Pads

Toner pads the new skincare trend

Adapting toner pads in daily skincare routine has been a new trend recently. Instead of pouring toner on cotton pads everyday, people prefer toner pads that are pre-soaked in toner and ready to use. It is more convenient and user-friendly.

However, not all toner pads are suitable for all skin types. We have to be considerate when choosing the best toner pads that suit ourselves. Else, it will most probably worsen our skin condition and even lead to sensitive skin!

How to choose the best toner pads for ourselves?

  1. Know your purpose. Always remember why you are using toner pads. Are you using it for exfoliating, hydrating, pore-clearing, or anti-ageing? Then, choose the toner pads that cater your concerns.
  2. Study about the ingredients used in the toner pads. You should not use the toner pads that contain the ingredients you are allergic to. This is very significant so that your skin will not become swollen, itchy, or even painful. For example, sensitive skins have to choose toner pads that are free from fragrance & alcohol.
  3. Material of the toner pad is also one of the important elements when choosing the best toner pads for ourselves. If the toner pads are made by soft cotton, it could reduce friction between the toner pads and our skin.
  4. Do a patch test on your wrist before using the toner pads on your face. If there is no allergy reaction within 24 hours, it will be safe to be applied on your face.

Brightening? Hydrating? Anti-ageing? What if you can have it all? Let’s try out our Brightening & Refining Pads!

Unlike the normal pads, this is the world’s first serum pads that come in individual packing, which consists of multi-nutrients serum and exfoliating BHA, that can help to visibly brighten your skin texture and refining your pores

Besides, it also consists of Camellia Sinensis and peptides which help in instant repairing and replenishing your skin texture while the face acids work its magic in gently refining and exfoliating your pores.

Our 2% ethylated vitamin C can quickly penetrate your skin, and help to boost collagen production and brighten up your skin tone.

And don’t forget to say, the Brightening & Refining Pads are made by 75% Egyptian cloth which is softer than normal cotton material. It is free from alcohol, hence gentle to all skin types! 

Moreover, individual packing is better to preserve all the active ingredients and less preservative used.


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