How to use Gua Sha Facial Tool


1. Before you begin with face GuaSha, clean the Gua Sha facial tool with clean water to make sure you can perform GuaSha in a hygienic condition. You can have a more superior GuaSha experience with quality face massager like Anjoe 3in1 facial sculptor. It is not recommended to use plastic resin materials massaging tool as it might absorb nutrient from skincare product and caused the facial massaging tool turns yellowish in long term.
2. Always lubricants your skin with adequate amount of massage oil or serum to the face and neck prior performing GuaSha to ensure the gua sha facial tool can stroked smoothly on your skin.
3. Keeping your Gua Sha facial tool vertical to the skin (around 90 degree), gently stroked along the skin according to the direction of the sequence and arrows stated. Always remember to move upwards and outwards, to follow the lymphatic flow, not back and forth.
4. Repeat sweeping motion to 3-5 times per area with slight pressure. Avoid applying too much pressure that may hurts.
5. Remove residual oil or serum on your skin after GuaSha and clean the Gua Sha facial tool with mild soap water after each use.
Gentle reminder: It is recommended to use the facial sculptor at least 3 times per week at your leisure time. You may pair with your skincare products or our signature Mugwort Treatment Oil for better blood circulation. Avoid using it on any open wound and inflamed acnes.


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