How to Improve Lymphatic Drainage in Face


Practitioners nowadays incorporate facial lymphatic drainage into their beauty regimen to deal with skin puffiness, scars, dull complexion and sagging problems. Basically, lymphatic drainage massage is a technique that involves light pressure and specific motions to gently drain excess fluid.
3 Steps to Improve Lymphatic Drainage in Face
1) Before you begin with lymphatic drainage face massage, always lubricants your skin with adequate amount of facial oil or face serum. You can have a more superior lymphatic drainage massage experience with quality face massager like Anjoe 3in1 facial sculptor. It is not recommended to use plastic resins materials massaging tool as it might absorb nutrient from skincare product and caused the facial massaging tool turns yellowish in long term.
2) Keeping your facial sculptor vertical to the skin (around 90 degree), gently stroked along the skin according to the direction of the sequence and arrows stated. Always remember to move upwards and outwards, to follow the lymphatic flow, not back and forth as this improve lymphatic drainage in face.
3) Repeat sweeping motion to 3-5 times per area with slight pressure. Avoid applying too much pressure that may hurts.
4) It is recommended to carry out lymphatic facial massage at least 3-4 times per week as a part of the morning or night time skin care routine to enhance the effectiveness.


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