Oil For Wound Healing: Do They Work?

The process of wound healing

When we are having wounds on the surface of our skin, it undergoes 4 stages in the healing process:-

  1. Hemostasis Phase: The process of the wound being closed by clotting.
  2. Inflammatory Phase: The white blood cells, growth factors, nutrients and enzymes create the swelling, heat, pain and redness at the wounded area. Inflammation controls bleeding and prevents infection.
  3. Proliferative Phase: The wound is rebuilt with new tissue made up of collagen and extracellular matrix.
  4. Remodelling Phase: Collagen is remodelled into a more organised structure at the wounded area and increases the tensile strength of the healing tissues.

Using oil for wound healing is slowly penetrating through people's daily lives. According to a study in 2016, essential oil has been proven to be effective in improving wound healing and reducing wound infections.

The study found out that essential oil promotes wound healing by increasing collagen and regenerating tissue, especially in the early phase of treatment. It helps to speed up wound closure and promote wound shrinking. The results could be observed in as little as one week. Essential oil such as mugwort treatment oil could also be useful in treating scars.

Mugwort oil for wound healing

At MadebyAnjoe, our mugwort plant treatment oil is 100% made with premium natural essential oil that is specifically blended to replenish and repair broken cells. It could accelerate the wound healing process as the mugwort essence could reduce skin inflammation & ease the pain.

Mugwort is a healing herb. It serves as an antibacterial and antifungal. Both of which are excellent skin-protective properties. When applying on wounds, the mugwort oil acts as a protective layer. It helps to prevent the wound from further bacteria infection.

Anjoe Mugwort treatment oil are clinically proven formulations that are perfect for wound healing and problematic skins. As our mugwort essence helps to increase blood circulation and enhance lymphatic drainage. Better blood circulation indicating better oxygen flow, which will help the body muscles to firm up and tighten up the skin. With the added vitamin E and grape seed oil, it nourishes the skin and provides extra antioxidants.

Using mugwort treatment oil for wound healing would be a wise step so that our skin could be recovered in the shortest period of time and continue to serve as a protective shield of our body against heat, light, injury, and infection. 


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