Benefit of a Relaxing Body Oil

The mugwort is also known as wormwood is an ancient herb that widely used to improve blood circulation and eliminate body toxins. It is the main ingredient of Anjoe Body Treatment Oil and it is remarkable for their lymphatic effects. It’s often used with Anjoe body cellulite massager and face sculpting tools to achieve better result as it increases body lymphatic drainage. Besides that, the mugwort extract has plenty antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that protects skin from premature aging while soothing irritated skin.
Mugwort is also associated with menstruation. It increases circulation to warm up the uterus and pelvic region which will helps to remove stagnant blood that cause menstruation pain. Thus, by using Mugwort Body Treatment Oil, it helps to regulate menstruation and promote uterus health.
Besides that, our Mugwort Body Treatment Oil is 100% pure essential oil specifically formulated with hypoallergenic ingredients that is safe and gentle to all skin type including sensitive, Eczema and Psoriasis skin. It’s lightweight, silky texture aids fast absorption to quickly and deeply nourish your skin. It is being proved to be an effective body treatment oil that protect against dehydration by locking moisture and preventing moisture from evaporating from your skin.
In addition to physical improvements such as moisturized and toned up skin, our Mugwort Body Treatment Oil is also beneficial on your mental health. It is infused with Bergamot, an aromatic essence from a citrus fruit that helps you to elevate emotion. Several clinical studies on aromatherapy revealed that the bergamot essential oil, in combination with other essential oils has significant effect in reducing anxiety and stress reduction, anti‐ depression, pain relief, and blood pressure and heart rate reduction. In short, the body treatment oil enhances the level of relaxation while leaving an aromatic scent that instils a sensation of emotional well-being.


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