Benefits of Dry Body Brushing


What if I told you that rubbing a body brush over your skin could cure your cellulite, boost your blood flow, and make you glow? You’d probably give me some serious side-eye, right?

Well, 'dry brushing' it’s actually a pretty widely loved beauty practice, which is swear by dermatologists and celebrities such as Gwyneth Platrow, Miranda Kerr with this affordable treatment.

Our company strives to be the leading body brush company that encourages and educates on the right way of using dry brush in Malaysia. We are also the first and only body brush company that encourages and educates on the benefit of dry brushing in Malaysia. So, what exactly is dry brushing?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. “Dry brushing is a treatment using a firm bristle or rubber brushes to help exfoliate dead skin cells and to promote blood circulation of the body. This technique is thought to help enhance lymphatic drainage and remove body toxins. However, for most of the people who have tried the dry brushing technique before, tends to find that it can be quite itchy and dry to skin, hence at MadeByAnjoe, we recreated dry brushing technique to a unique Anjoe style dry brushing technique which is more suitable treatment for all skin types, we called it as oil brushing. While adding a therapeutic essential oil that has blood circulation and nourishing properties to add an extra protection layer to the skin during body brushing, it also makes the skin more nourishing and hydrated at the same time. Dry brushing with oil can help to reduce water retention and increase bowel movement as well. Hence for those who are suffering irritable bowel syndrome, stomach bloating and oedema, body brushing method can easily ease your problems.

At MadebyAnjoe, our Anjoe’s Electrical Body Massager, a re-developed dry brush in Malaysia is battery operated. The brush comes with a vibration mechanism that helps to enhance the efficacy of body brushing and relatively reduces body cellulites as well. Cellulitis happens when pockets of body fats accumulate beneath the epidermis layer and ultimately pushes the fat against the top layer of the skin that creates the uneven dimple-like look.  Hence by massaging and promoting the blood circulation of the targeted cellulite areas, it will help to stretch out the cellulite dimples and reduce the fat layers with time.  Good things take time and come with discipline. If you want to see results (especially for cellulite and skin tightening effect) , you have to maintain oil brushing at least 15 mins per day/ every other day to maintain the lymphatic drainage of the body. 


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