How to Dry Brush Your Body and Skin


If you’re wondering about the best way to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin, dry brushing is an option that offers many benefits. For most of the people who have tried the dry brushing technique before, tends to find that it can be quite itchy and dry to skin, hence in MadebyAnjoe, we recreated the dry brushing technique to a more suitable treatment for all skin types, which is dry brush your skin with essential oil such as our signature Mugwort plant treatment oil.  But before you grab a dry brush and start going to town on your skin, it’s important to know how to dry brush your body with our Mugwort plant treatment oil in a correct way and which areas should be avoided during the process.

How to dry brush your body with our Mugwort plant treatment oil:  

1.    To start, apply Mugwort Treatment Oil on the brushing area. Mugwort help to promote blood circulation and reduce water retention.

2.   Turn on the power of the body brush , the brush should vibrate. Vibration helps to enhance the blood circulation in comparison to manual brush.

3.   Place the brush directly on the oiled skin, stick firmly to the skin and apply gentle pressure.

4.   Brush upwards in sweeping motions towards the heart. Start it all the way from the bottom of the lymph and moving upwards towards the crotch area.

5.   Brush each area a good 3-5 minutes, apply a substantial amount of oil during body brushing to keep your skin protected.  Never dry brush the skin without using oil!

6.    Do at least a good 15 mins for the whole body on a daily basis, best to body brush after nighttime shower as it provides better sleep quality and muscle relaxation.

Tips for you to body brush your skin with our mugwort treatment oil: 

-It is recommended to body brush your skin with our mugwort treatment oil after your shower

-Avoid brush over moles, warts, or raised bumps among many other things.

-Do it on a daily basis to see the effect and do not forget to wash your brush once you have finished using it. Change the brush head within 2-3 months. 


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